What can VEPA do for you?

As an industrial group, VEPA represents all Emergency Doctors with the explicit aim of gaining secure and ongoing employment, as well as optimum workplace conditions for doctors.

We know the industrial landscape for EPs, and we know just how stressful negotiating contracts alone can be. VEPA is here to help.

Did you know that many ED’s will have to re-negotiate their contracts in the next 3 years? Without VEPA representation you could be paid significantly less than the colleagues you work with. What would you do if your hospital said “take it or leave it”? We employ professional employment and industrial specialists to place the doctors at “arms length” from the hospital administrators during negotiations. VEPA provides advice, clarification, drafting, and negotiating on the behalf of doctors.

VEPA can provide the industrial strength and know-how that the ACEM and AMA either don’t have the capacity or lack the agility to do. VEPA is a small but dedicated team who have Emergency Physicians industrial interests at heart.

VEPA wants Emergency Doctors to not be divided, or to accept the “race to the bottom” for the lowest payment and conditions from aggressively economically competitive health administrators. Despite what they say, hospital administrators will never look out for your best interests.

Membership with VEPA gives you the capacity to realise the true value of your FACEM qualification, and of your working practice. VEPA is the only dedicated industrial group in Victoria for FACEMs. VEPA focuses on the improvement of the well-being, productivity and conditions of the craft group through advocacy and negotiation.

State-wide Specialists Agreement

Please click here for access to the Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013. This state-wide agreement represents the minimum terms and conditions for all emergency physicians.

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Membership Eligibility

You can join VEPA either as a full voting rights member, or as an associate member with no voting rights, according to the following eligibility criteria:

Member – full voting rights.

Full VEPA membership is available to emergency physicians with the qualifications of FACEM or equivalent, or paediatric emergency physicians with the qualifications of FACEM, FRACP(Paeds) or equivalent.

Legally qualified medical practitioners without the above ‘fellowships’, who are employed in emergency medicine predominantly in a ‘specialist’ role may be admitted to full membership at the discretion of the committee, subject to a detailed application submission.


Associate Member – no voting rights.

Associate VEPA membership is available to legally qualified medical practitioners who work predominantly in the practice of emergency medicine in a public or private Victorian health service.

Membership fees are due annually on date of registration.