Frequently Asked Questions

Will VEPA’s role overlap with the AMA or ACEM?

Occasionally, perhaps, there may somace overlap. Where there is the need for more than one body to be involved, VEPA will aim to work collaboratively.

As a member, will I have input into VEPA policy?

VEPA is a professional association, and the issues it addresses will be governed by the wishes of the membership.

How were membership fees determined?

The outcomes VEPA seeks to achieve on behalf of its membership will necessitate expert, and sometimes costly, professional advice. The fees have been set in anticipation of these expenses.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

Yes. As a professional association the membership subscription fee can be claimed as a work related expense.

Who sits on the VEPA executive?

The VEPA committee comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and between two and four non-office bearers, as elected by VEPA members.

Are ACEM trainees eligible to join?

Yes. As valued members of the emergency medicine workforce – and in keeping with VEPA’s commitment to future emergency physicians – ACEM trainees are eligible and most welcome to join as associate members.

Is VEPA a not-for-profit body?

Yes. As per its Rules of Associations – which are available for perusal by prospective members – VEPA will operate as a bona fide non profit organisation.

How do I contact VEPA?

You can contact VEPA email:

Dr Nigel Beck
(M) 0411 770 884

Dr Allan Whitehead
(M) 0419 368 805

How do I join?

VEPA is not accepting new members or renewals from existing members




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External Resources

VEPA takes an active interest in the state of emergency care across Victoria as well as Australia. VEPA continues to work with stakeholders, including ACEM and the Victorian Department of Health, to improve conditions in hospitals for patients and physicians alike.

Security and Safety at Work

VEPA considers the safety and security of all emergency workers to be of critical concern. Greater funding and support for emergency workers is needed to keep all staff safe at work so that they may properly perform their roles. VEPA considers it unacceptable that doctors and nurses are being trained to act as their own bodyguards.

Safety and Security at Work

Workplace Burnout

The issue of physician burnout is of concern to VEPA, especially in light of growing withdrawal rates from emergency speciality training programs in Australia and similar problems internationally. There is little known about the cause and precise effects of physician burnout; VEPA continues to pursue funding in this area for a comprehensive survey to better understand and respond to career fatigue.

Workplace Burnout as-disturbing-20150514-gh1vcx.html

Funding for EDs

VEPA tracks ongoing issues with regards to ED and hospital funding, responding as appropriate.

Funding for EDs

Overcrowding, Access Block and Ramping

Time and time again issues of overcrowding and under resourcing arise in relation to emergency care. VEPA takes a holistic approach, working with both the paramedics and nurses representatives to address issues across the emergency care sector.

Overcrowding, Access Block and Ramping

Interstate and International Emergency Care

Maintaining an interest in interstate and international trends is vital to ensuring that Victoria is able to achieve the highest quality emergency care.

Interstate and International Emergency Care