VEPA is committed to providing exceptional member service.

Aim to represent the interests of Specialist Emergency Physicians in Victoria with regards to political and industrial issues. VEPA will support members in negotiating their collective workplace agreements and will advise members generally about their terms and conditions of employment and assist in the interpretation of their agreements.

Aim to adequately resource the workplace for Emergency Physicians to protect the standards of care of patients in Victorian Emergency Departments. VEPA will advocate for member’s professional concerns and interests

Represent the role of Emergency Physicians including their scope of practice

Advocate to ensure Emergency Physician wellbeing

Ceasing membership

(1) A member of the Association who has paid all moneys due and payable by a member to the Association may resign from the Association by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Secretary of his or her intention to resign.

(2) After the expiry of the period referred to in subrule (1)—
(a) the member ceases to be a member; and
(b) the Secretary must record in the register of members the date on
which the member ceased to be a member.

Refund Policy

VEPA does not ordinarily provide for refund of membership fees paid.

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