VEPA Workplace Agreement Submission 2016

The AMA have undertaken discussions with stakeholders regarding the new state-wide agreement which will replace the 2013 Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement. In consultation with members the VEPA committee have formulated a log of claims that represents the needs of FACEMs.VEPA EA Log of Issues June 2016


The final AMA Log of Claims will be negotiated with the VHIA. Members can contact VEPA for updates on the new agreement status and any potential changes to their terms and conditions of

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ACEM Workforce Sustainability Report

VEPA committee provided input into this report and will continue to provide feedback to reduce rates of burnout and improve workforce sustainability. Members feedback would be welcomed.

Workforce-Sustainability-Survey-Final-Report_November-2016 ACEM


The 2016 VEPA AGM has been scheduled for Thursday 20th October at 6.30pm. The meeting is being held at the London Tavern Hotel (238 Lennox St, Richmond VIC 3121). VEPA committee extends a warm welcome to all members to come and join the committee for a drink and to discuss the plans for emergency medicine for 2017!

The VEPA committee are also seeking expressions of interest from all emergency physicians for new committee members and to hear new thoughts on how

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Busy Victorian hospitals still causing ambulance queues: doctors

Seriously ill people are being put at grave risk in overcrowded emergency departments where paramedics are still regularly stuck in long queues, doctors warn.

Nearly two years after the Labor party vowed to fix Victoria’s ambulance service, leaked data indicates there has been no improvement in ambulance “ramping” and that this month hundreds of patients waited longer than an hour to get into an emergency department while under the care of paramedics.

The queues are tying

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Dangers of Fatigue in Emergency Departments

Emergency Physician fatigue has long been an OH&S risk and a danger to patients that has plagued the health profession.

Following last night’s SBS Insight Program in which Dr Michelle Johnson spoke about the risk to quality of care from a lack of sleep, VEPA calls on hospital administrators and the state government to better manage the risks associated with fatigue.

Dr Allan Whitehead, VEPA President regularly sees instances of physicians working long hours, often

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VEPA Welcomes Vic Health Budget Announcements 2016

VEPA today welcomes the record increase in health funding delivered in the 2016-17 Victorian State Budget. At Wednesday evening’s budget briefing Minister Hennessy outlined the strong commitment being made across the health and human services sector.

VEPA warmly welcomes the decision to increase hospital funding across the networks by $2.45 billion. Much of the funding is vital to improving hospital and health facilities, with $817 million being made available for hospital, ED and ambulance station upgrades. Funding is also being made

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ED Doctors Welcome Royal Commission into Family Violence Report

The Victorian Emergency Physicians Association (VEPA) welcomes the Royal Commission’s comprehensive report on Family Violence.

VEPA acknowledges the important role played by frontline workers, emergency doctors, nurses and ambulance drivers who are often the first to engage with victims of family violence.

The Association welcomes the prospect of greater awareness and support by all sectors of the community that will give victims options and will bring perpetrators to account.

VEPA believes clearer communication and reporting throughout the hospital network and greater training for

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VEPA New Fellows Evening

VEPA is hosting a New Fellows Evening on November 4th to welcome new fellows to the profession. All members are invited to this event and are encouraged to attend.
As emergency physicians, the power to shape the terms and conditions of your employment and the quality of care provided to Victorians is in your hands.
VEPA perceives that the profession is on somewhat of a precipice. With many physicians feeling increased pressure from hospital administrations to save costs, high demands on fellows, training

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End of HEWS and Hospital Emergency Department Bypass

The Victorian Emergency Physicians Association (VEPA) today welcomes the State Government’s decision to end the Hospital Early Warning System (HEWS) and Bypass in Victorian Emergency Departments.

After consultation with key stakeholders, hospital directors, unions and colleges the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy today announced that HEWS and Bypass will no longer be used in Victoria from October 7th. This decision brings Victoria in line with all other States and Territories in Australia.

Whilst the end of Bypass

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Hospitals may be ordered to take patients even when full

Emergency Physician and VEPA President Allan Whitehead was recently in the media discussing the preparations for the end of Bypass and HEWS (Hospital Early Warning System) in Victoria.

(Originally Published in The Age (10.07.2015; Hospitals May be Ordered to Take Patient even when Full – Julia Medew)

Hospitals will be required to accept ambulance patients, even if they are full and would usually close their doors, under changes being considered by the Victorian government.

In an effort to reduce ambulance queues

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