Incorporated in 2010, VEPA represents the interests and concerns of emergency physicians across the full spectrum of contemporary issues – from safe and efficient patient care to improving working conditions, and maintaining wellness of healthcare workers.

VEPA is an active, effective and respected voice for busy doctors who are working hard to care for their patients. We understand that many doctors have neither the time, nor in many cases the expertise, to pursue issues successfully for themselves. VEPA continues work in everyone’s best interests.


Why we need VEPA

In many respects, Emergency Medicine in Victoria has come a long way since Geelong Hospital appointed Australia’s first full-time ‘Casualty Department’ director in 1967. The Melbourne-based Australasian College for Emergency Medicine is into its third decade; there are 313 qualified emergency physicians practising in 23 Emergency Departments state wide, and 397 trainees currently working towards their fellowship.

But while the evolution of our specialty has been swift, successful and unified in a medical and professional sense, it has failed to develop commensurate political impetus. Instead, we largely rely on general representative bodies to champion issues on our behalf.

None would question the genuine intent of these bodies, but they have only finite resources with which to service an extremely, and necessarily, broad agenda of which emergency medicine is only a small part. If this situation endures, the best interests of Victorian emergency physicians, and our patients, will never be fully realised.

To develop the influence and advocacy that Emergency Medicine deserves and demands in Victoria, our craft-group must marshal its resources and take responsibility for its own destiny. This clear and present need has been the catalyst for VEPA – The Victorian Emergency Physicians Association.


VEPA aims and activities


There are many areas of concern within emergency medicine that need to be prioritised and addressed over the medium- to long-term, particularly regarding resourcing and workforce sustainability.

Because of this, VEPA performs a great variety of roles on behalf of its members, including:

  • mapping of the industrial landscape
  • support in negotiation of workplace agreements
  • political advocacy
  • peer support and networking
  • educational activities
  • active collaboration with ACEM, ASEM, AMA and other peak bodies as required.

As a VEPA member, you’ll be kept fully apprised of news, progress, relevant information, noteworthy developments, outcomes and successes across the full range of its endeavours via regular updates.


VEPA Committee members


The VEPA Committee is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about assisting emergency physicians in order to make positive change in the Victorian region.

President: Dr Nigel Beck
Treasurer: Dr Allan Whitehead



The VEPA Constitution

Download the VEPA Constitution 2010

Statement of Purpose

To represent the Specialist Emergency Physicians of Victoria in their endeavour to advocate and ensure the quality of care and safety of all patients in Victorian Emergency Departments

To advocate for:

  • adequate resources for Specialist Emergency Physicians and their departments
  • conditions which allow the maintenance of a sustainable Specialist Emergency Physician workforce